Reflection: Easter Sunday

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[1st Reading – Acts.10:34, 37-43; Ps.117; 2nd Reading – Col.3:1-4; Gospel – Jn.20:1-9]


It was through Mary of Magdala that the disciples came to know that Jesus was no longer in the tomb, and the logical conclusion they drew was that someone must have taken him!

This news triggered the reaction of Peter and “the disciple that Jesus loved”. Once again, they found themselves on their way “to Jesus” in a totally different way from their previous ones. Although they knew that Jesus was dead, still, we are told that they “ran”. We are never told in the gospels that anyone “ran” to Jesus.  It is only at this moment. And even in the manner of their running… Even though they ran together, “the disciple that Jesus loved” ran faster than Peter. He knew the place where Jesus was buried because he was with the women when they buried Jesus… Peter, on the other hand, did not know the place where Jesus was buried, and therefore he had to follow “the one that Jesus loved”.

We are told that this disciple, “the loved one of the Lord”, whom we can call John, was the first one to reach the tomb and the first thing he did was to “bend down”… to see better. “To bend down” denotes the action used as a sign of respect/adoration.  For John, it was enough to see the linen cloths lying on the ground and he did not go in, but waited for the other disciple (Peter). The honour to go in first to the place where Jesus had been laid was reserved for Peter, the chosen one who, on various occasions, was asked by Jesus if he (Peter) loved him (Jesus) and therefore invited “to follow Jesus”.

It was at this moment that “the loved one of the Lord” entered the tomb, saw everything except Jesus, and believed. And it was also at this moment that these two disciples/apostles understood the teaching of the scripture about his resurrection. They did not see Jesus but saw something that belonged to Jesus (the linen cloths)… and believed what was said by Jesus and by the scriptures about his resurrection.

We do not see Jesus as the disciples used to see him, but if our eyes are open then we see the effects of Jesus’ presence in our life and in the world. Through his resurrection Jesus has shown that he keeps his word, even in defiance of nature. Are we ready to go to him, to run to him? Are we ready to let him love us and we to love him in return, since he is the one who chose us? Are we ready, by just seeing the simplest things in life, to believe in his power?

Lord, sometimes we want to be near you but we do not have the strength to run. Sometimes we see signs and effects of your presence but we do not have the courage to believe. Lord, give us the desire to put ourselves in adoration, in your often “unseen” presence, and believe in your love for us.  Thank You Lord!”


Fr. Jesmond Pawley, OFM Conv.

(Permission to reproduce on this site by Fr. Jesmond, St. Patrick’s RC Church, Waterloo )

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